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Mammographic Findings of Breast Cancer

Findings of mammography in Breast Cancer include :
-High density, speculated mass
-Clustered micro calcifications with variable shape and size; Granular, bizarre micro calcifications are suspicious.
-Well-defined solid masses are sometimes malignant. (Ultrasound is used to determine whether such a mass is solid or cystic).

Secondary Signs of Malignancy
architectural distortion
skin thickening
nipple retraction
focally dilated duct

# This mammography shows prebiopsy craniocaudal mammogram demonstrates a 1-cm mass in the medial aspect of the breast (see red arrow). Subsequent stereotactic biopsy was performed.

If mammography detects a non-palpable but suspicious-appearing lesion, needle localization and excisional biopsy or steriotaxic (computer guided) core biopsy can be used to sample the suspicious area. Most mammographers seek a 20-30% positive rate for biopsies of mammographically demonstrated abnormalities.