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What is Serendipity View or Rockwood view? And how to get?

Serendipity View "some times called Rockwood view" obtained to demonstrates sternoclavicular joints and medial 1/3 of the clavicles for fractures or dislocation.

Technique of Serendipity View :
Non rigid 11 x 14 inch cassette is placed under the upper chest, shoulders, and neck of a supine patient.
1-The beam is angled 40 deg. off verticle centered on the sternum.
2-Tube to cassette distance is 60 deg for adults and 40 deg for child.

Why we need it ?
As Medial clavicular fractures and SC joint injuries may be difficult to appreciate on standard views because of the overlap of the clavicle with the sternum and the first rib.
Normal Rockwood (Serendipity) view of the sternoclavicular (SC) joint.

$$ Note that CT scan best evaluates the sternoclavicular joint