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Radiological features of Bezoar

Bezoar is an intestinal mass caused by the accumulation of ingested
material which Can lead to obstruction or ulceration.
Bezoar Types :
A phytobezoar is formed from poorly digested plant fibre.
A trichobezoar is formed from ingested hair, almost always in females.

Trichobezoar. Large ‘hair ball’ mass completely filling the stomach (arrow).

Radiological features :
• A mass may be seen within the stomach.
• May demonstrate bowel obstruction.
 Barium studies:
• May demonstrate an intraluminal filling defect that does not have a fixed site of attachment to the bowel wall.
• Barium may flow into crevices within thebezoar.
• This may demonstrate a low-density mass containing pockets of air.
• As on barium studies, oral contrast may intersperse with the mass
though gaps between the ingested materials.

Trichobezoar (same patient) in coronal CT reformat.Oral contrast is seen outlining the huge trichobezoar.