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Indications of Thumbprint sign in Chest & Abdominal X-ray

the thumbprint sign is a finding on a lateral C-spine radiograph that suggests the diagnosis of epiglottitis. The sign is caused by a thickened free edge of the epiglottis, which causes it to appear more radiopaque than normal, resembling the distal thumb.

Thumb’ like epiglottitis. Note the swollen epiglottitis like a thumbprint
" enlarged epiglottis in epiglottitis which, instead of its usual thin fingerlike projection, is stubby, like the thumb "

In an abdominal x-ray, the "thumb print sign" has similar appearance of thumbs protruding into the intestinal lumen, but are in fact caused by thickened edematous mucosal folds. Abdominal thumbprinting a sign of intestinal ischemia.

Thumbprinting-indentation in contrast or air-filled bowel lumen caused by submucosal infiltration and resembling a thumbprint; eg ischemia