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Benefits of Schüller view on showing Mastoid bone

Schüller's view (Runstrom) is a lateral view of the mastoid obtained with the sagittal
plane of the skull parallel to the film and with a 30° cephalocaudal angulation of the x-ray beam.

These 30° in Schüller's view displaces the arcuate eminence of the petrous bone downward and shows the antrum and the upper part of the attic.

Schüller's view also gives an excellent view of the extent of the pneumatization of the mastoid,the distribution and the degree of aeration of the air cells, the status of the trabecular pattern, and the position of the vertical portion of the lateral sinus.
Schüller view: Well-developed normally pneumatized mastoidal air cells can be observed in the picture on the left side (double arrow). In the picture on the right side, the mastoid cells (arrow) are obscured, and not air-containing, due to chronic otitis media.