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Allman and Tossy classification for Acromioclavicular joint injury

Normal acromioclavicular joint.
There are several classification systems for acromioclavicular joint injury grading,

Allman and Tossy classification

* grade I
  •  mild sprain
  •  normal plain film findings
  •  increased T2 signal on MRI
* grade II
  •  moderate sprain
  •  subluxation by less than 50 % of clavicular height on plain film
  •  fluid outside joint capsule on MRI
* grade III
  •  complete disruption
  •  widening of joint, more than 50% subluxation on plain film
  •  MRI usually not required                                                                                                                
Acromioclavicular joint Grade 3 disruption - “Acromioclavicular joint injury, grade 3 ”